On this page you will find tutorials on Arduino UNO and Arduino Due using Arduino IDE, Matlab, Simulink, Python and ATMEL Studio. The tutorials teaches installation and configuration procedure, sending and receiving signals and then more complex tutorials such as ADC/DAC, LCD interfacing, Motor control, LDR, IR sensors etc.

Arduino with Arduino IDE tutorials

Arduino UNO using Arduino IDE

  1. How to fix Arduino Driver install problem
  2. How to read switch input in Arduino
  3. How to read analog signal with Arduino
  4. How to use arduino analogWrite function for PWM
  5. Connect and Read Photoresistor with Arduino
  6. How to turn ON OFF a LED with LDR and Arduino
  7. IR Infrared Obstacle Avoidance Sensor Module with Arduino
  8. Interfacing LCD with Arduino
  9. How to control DC motor using Arduino

Arduino Due Tutorials using Arduino IDE

  1. Arduino Due tutorial – Blinking LED

Arduino Matlab and Simulink tutorials

Arduino can be cosimulated with Matlab and Simulink for all kinds of hardware software testing and electronics projects. You can use Arduino together with Matlab or Simulink to acquire signal and perform digital signal processing, you can send signals from matlab or simulink to Arduino board which might be connected to other devices such as motors, sensors, actuators etc. Matlab/Simulink together with Arduino has opened an opportunity to learn hardware and software. This is useful for all kinds of engineering subjects- electronics and electrical engineering, physics, biology, chemistry, enviromental science etc.

Arduino UNO Matlab Tutorials

  1. Real Time Analog Voltage in Matlab using Arduino
  2. Real-Time data acquisition from Arduino to Matlab

Arduino UNO Simulink Tutorials

  1. Arduino Simulink Tutorial 1 – LED blinking
  2. Arduino Simulink Tutorial 2 – Reading Switch
  3. Arduino Simulink Tutorial 3 – PWM
  4. Sending PWM pulses using Repeating Sequence – Arduino Simulink Tutorial

Arduino Due Simulink S-Function Builder Tutorials

  1. Arduino Simulink S-function tutorial

Arduino ATMEL Studio Tutorials

Arduino UNO ATMEL Studio Tutorials

These tutorials are designed to teach you programming Arduino UNO(ATmega328P microprocessor) in C programming language instead of native Arduino C++ language.

  1. How to program Arduino using ATMEL Studio 7
  2. LED blinking C program for Arduino

Arduino Due ATMEL Studio Tutorials

Again these tutorials are designed to teach you how to program Arduino Due in C instead of using Arduino native C++ programming language.

  1. How to program Arduino Due using ATMEL Studio
  2. ATMEL Studio 7 Arduino Due User Board Tutorial

Arduino Python tutorials

Arduino UNO Python tutorials

  1. Programming Arduino using Python
  2. Blinking LED python program for Arduino
  3. How to read and write to Arduino using Python
  4. Reading analog voltage with Python using Arduino