how to export schematic as picture in Proteus Professional

With this guide you will learn how to save your circuit schematic in JPEG, PNG, TIFF and other image file format in Proteus Professional.

You may want to or need to export or save your proteus circuit schematic in different image file format such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF etc. With proteus you can only save the schematic in BMP image file format but there is solution to it. In order to save it in JPEG, PNG or other image file format you have to first save the schematic in BMP format and then open the BMP picture and save it again in the desired JPEG, PNG, TIFF file format.

For those who understood it, you can do itself now. For those who haven’t understood keep reading on.

Open your circuit schematic in Proteus if not already open. Then go to File > Export Graphics  and select Export Bitmap.

export schematic as picture in Proteus Professional

You will see option window which allows you to customize the image BMP file such as resolution, colour etc as shown below.


By default, the image file will be named after the name of your project and it will be saved in your project directory. However you can change that using the Output To File option. So if your project name is called is called schematic then the image will be saved as schematic.bmp file in your project folder.

Once finished click OK.

Then open your bmp image in Paint image viewer or any other image viewer. Resize and Crop it according to your size of schematic.

export schematic as picture

Finally save your picture in your desired picture format- such as JPEG, PNG, GIF etc.

Similarly you can export PCB layout and convert to other image format. The only difference is, in case of PCB layout, you have to go to Output > Export Graphics then select Export Bitmap.

See other advice on Protues PCB Software Viewing PCB layout and Schematic Side by Side.

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