Home Made RN52 Bluetooth module break out board

How to make your own RN52 Bluetooth module break out board at home, step by step guide

Here we illustrate Home Made RN52 Bluetooth module break out board. So using this tutorial you will some dollars and also learn how to make your own break out boards for other modules or microcontrollers or similar parts.

In the RN52 Bluetooth tutorial you can see that it works.

Shown below is RN-52 Bluetooth module(without break out board).

As you can see the pins are difficult to interface with. So in order to use this bluetooth module we have construct PCB board and install the module onto it. In this tutorial you will learn how to make the break out board PCB.

The first step is to print out the PCB layout for the RN-52 breakout board. You don’t have to make the PCB layout because you can download it for free from Sparkfun. However the PCB files are in Eagle PCB file format. Eagle PCB software is for free and you can just download the software, import the files and print it out on the glossy paper.

If you don’t know how to make PCB at home then see the tutorial How to make PCB at home easily and PCB Toner transfer using nail polish remover without heat.

Another option, if you don’t have Eagle PCB software but you have the Altium Designer PCB software, you can read the tutorial how to print PCB layout in altium designer.

Now after you have printed the toner onto the double sided PCB required in this tutorial you can follow this tutorial from here on.

Home Made RN52 Bluetooth module break out board

The picture below shows the RN-52 PCB print on the copper board, both the bottom copper and top copper.

As you can see there is black colored paint on the PCB print. A permanent marker was applied to places where the toner was not transferred properly and also just to ensure that there are no coppers left in the places where we don’t want them to be.

Home Made RN52 Bluetooth module break out board

And bottom where permanent marker was used to cover some part of the not well printed areas.

The the PCB board was dipped into Ferric Chloride solution to etch unprotected copper away. The result is the following circuit board(bottom and top sides).

Then using toner remover Nail Polisher or Acetone, the toner was removed to expose the underneath copper.

So in this way RN52 Bluetooth Module break out board was created at home.

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RN 52 Bluetooth Tutorial

RN52 Bluetooth Tutorial

how to print PCB layout in altium designer

how to print PCB layout in altium designer