PIC32 UART Interrupt example Project using MPLAB Harmony

A step by step PIC32 UART interrupt example guide to learn how to use MPLAB Harmony

Connect PIC32 microcontroller to Computer using USART to USB converter

The next step is to use a UART to USB converter and connect the UART end to the PIC32 USART TX and RX pins and connect the other USB end of the converter to the Computer USB. A UART – USB converter looks like the following.

USB UART converter

There are 5 pins on the UART(also called TTL) side. Two are power supply(3.3V and 5V), one is ground, one is Tx and one is Rx. The Tx of this converter must be connected to the Rx of the microcontroller Tx pin and Rx of the converter must be connected to the Tx of the microcontroller.

Since pic 32 microcontrollers are 3.3V device, the 3.3V of the converter must be used if you are used supply from the USB. Otherwise you can just leave the 3.3V(and 5V) unconnected and supply the microcontroller with 3.3V from external source. We will use an external 3.3V supply. But the ground of the converter must also be connected to the same ground as the external supply.

To help in connecting the the UART side we join connecting wires as shown below.

wire USB TTL

Then we connect the USB of the converter to computer USB, TX of the converter to the RX pin of the microcontroller(port B pin 5, physical pin number 20), the RX pin of the converter to the TX pin of the mirocontroller(port B pin 1, physical pin number 24), the ground of the converter must be connected to the supply ground and the 3.3V and 5V pin of the converter can be left unconnected.


PIC32 microcontroller USART communication via USB

Proper voltage of 3.3V to the VDD pin of the microcontroller, supply and grounding of the analog VDD and analog VSS must be connected also. Similarly, proper connection to the _MCLR pin of the microcontroller must be there.

Finally as per our program, we need to connect a LED to the Port B pin 0 which has physical pin number 25 and ground via 330Ohm resistor.

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