Testing Proteus simulated Arduino Design in Hardware

Checking sketch & circuit tested on Proteus worked or not in Hardware

In the tutorial Testing Arduino circuit and program using Proteus us we showed how to test your program/sketch in proteus via simulation before you implement in hardware. We explained how it can help you visualize your design. In this post,  we want to share the real hardware implementation for the same schematic.

The schematic of the previous tutorial is shown below.

arduino simulation

The same circuit diagram realized in physical hardware is shown in the figure below.

Testing arduino with LED

The red wire is connected to +5V supply on Arduino board, the black wire is connected to the GND also on the Arduino board. One yellow wire connects the digital pin 12 to the positive end of the LED, the negative side of the LED is connected to the 220Ohm resistor. Then another yellow wire is used to connect the another side of the resistor to the ground.

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