How to convert IBIS model file to spice file

ibis model file to spice file

Lately number of electronics component manufacturers have started using IBIS simulation file format for their component. For example- Xilinx, Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Cadence, Altera and many more.

There are lots of confusing for those who don’t know what IBIS file format is. IBIS stands for I/O Buffer Information Specification and IBIS model file of a component contains behavioral information of the component. Both spice and ibis models provides information to the designer how the component behaves but the difference is that that while spice file contains inner sub-circuit information and hence the inner working of the component, the ibis model file does not give any information about the inside working of the component. Thus, electronics manufacturing companies can hide their component inner working mechanism to some extent using ibis. But for designers it is often desirable to simulate the component with changing input and viewing the output.

Electronics designer are used to create components in their electronics CAD and attach spice model(pspice, prospice, LTspice etc) and simulate the component along with other components that are attached to it. With ibis model this is no more possible.

Many then try to convert the IBIS file into spice file and attach to the component. But this often does not work because ibis model file does not contain enough information about how the inside of the component work.

Anyway, there is one software that you can use to convert ibis model file to spice file. This software is called micro-cap and you can download it for free from their website ( The free evaluation version has the tool convert the spice to ibis.

The steps to convert your spice file to ibis file is as follows.

Once you download it you will the zipped demo file.

Unzip it and you will see the setup.exe file.

Now click on the setup file and install the software.

At the end the software opens and you will see its front interface.

Now before we start to convert the ibis file we first have to place the ibis file into the LIBRARY folder of the micro-cap software installation folder. This is located at C:\MC11demo\LIBRARY. Now find and open this LIBRARY folder and put your ibis model file into it so the the microcap can find it.

Shown below is the picture after putting it inside the library folder.

Then go back and open the micro-cap software. There go to File > Translate > IBIS to SPICE File… as shown below.

IBIS model file to spice file
IBIS model file to spice file

Then in the windows that pops up click and browse in the input file section for the ibis file that you just put in the library folder.

Then click on Both the Create Golden Waveforms Check File and on the Create Standard IBIS Models buttons. The Create Golden Waveforms Check File creates the spice model in the same library folder while Create Standard IBIS Models is for comparing the ibis files.




ibis model file to spice file
ibis model file to spice file

When you close the window you will see the generated Spice file.

The desired and converted spice file is located in the same library folder.

So in this way you can generate a spice file from ibis model file. But whether you can use it in your CAD for simulation purpose doubtful.

Let us know if you are successful with simulation. Hope this was helpful.

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